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User Guide for CABAL



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Main > Cabal Info. > Chaos Arena

Introduction to Chaos Arena

The Chaos Arena is a special dungeon that can only be accessed 6 times each day. To access the Chaos Arena, you will need to craft a Miracle Key and use it on the special sign in Bloody Ice. Once there, your party will face terrible odds and a Final Mob Boss, each of which grows more powerful based on the level of the Chaos Arena you challenge. Here are the basics that you will need to know about the Chaos Arena:


Before you can enter the Chaos Arena, you need to craft a Miracle Key. Miracle Keys can be crafted by any character regardless of their crafting level with a 100% success rate as long as they have all of the necessary recipe items. There are five levels of Miracle Keys that can be created from crafting items and formula card which are dropped by monsters. Here is a list of the keys, the level that you must be to enter that Arena level, and the recipe items you need:

Chaos ArenaCharacter LevelKey TypeKey Recipe
LV. 1 LV. 30 ~ 60 Miracle Key LV. 1 Royal Fixer LV. 1 + Raw Platinum
+ Formula Card LV. 1
LV. 2 LV. 61 ~ 80 Miracle Key LV. 2 Royal Fixer LV. 2 + Raw Platinum +
Formula Card LV. 2 + Upgrade Core (Low)
LV. 3 LV. 81 ~ 94 Miracle Key LV. 3 Royal Fixer LV. 3 + Raw Platinum +
Formula Card LV. 3 + Upgrade Core (Mid)
LV. 4 LV. 95 ~ 124 Miracle Key LV. 4 Royal Fixer LV. 4 + Raw Platinum
Formula Card LV. 4 + Upgrade Core (High)
LV. 5 LV. 125 ~ 170 Miracle Key LV. 5 Royal Fixer LV. 5 + Raw Platinum
Formula Card LV. 5 + Upgrade Core (High)


The Chaos Arena can only be accessed at certain times during the day on specific channels. These times and channels will be posted on our website and, if there are any changes, a GM will announce them in-game. Once you have a Miracle Key for your level, go to the sign posted next to the Core Alchemist in Bloody Ice (X,Y: 11,30) on one of the Chaos Arena channels to access the Arena. Only 21 players can access each level of the Chaos Arena at one time so, if you are not one of the first 21 from your level range on each of these channels, you will have to wait until the next time the Chaos Arena becomes available.


Each Chaos Arena is only open 25 minutes including waiting time and the entrance gate will automatically disappear 5 minutes after the Chaos Arena opens. The Arena is randomly filled with various monsters that offer high level drops. As time passes, the monsters that spawn into the Arena grow stronger until the Final Mob Boss appears. The Chaos Arena stays up until either the Final Mob Boss is killed or 25 minutes have passed. Players who die in the Chaos Arena will be instantly expelled from the Arena. If you have an Odd Circle, you can use it once, but after that you cannot get back into the Chaos Arena.