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    User Guide for CABAL



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    There are a total of 6 combat skills known as the "Authentic Six" which have been inherited among the Nevarethians. Among the Authentic Six, the "Warrior", "Blader" and "Wizard" skills were established before Nevareth Exodus, the Honorable Age. According to theory, at the time when Core Technology was at its peak, hundreds of groups were practicing and studying their own unique skills. However, the current skills were developed by the first generation of the 7 Sages, based on the Nevareth Exodus survivors' knowledge.

    "Warriors" are those who have inherited the very first form of "force".
    They practice physical strength by using force rather than manipulating it, thus being a warrior requires being more physically superior than those of the other forms of force.

    As they prioritize physical power over technique and speed, their fights
    are often more thrilling and dynamic. On the contrary, their understanding of force manipulation is quite limited, and thus their intelligence is given less priority in their training.

    However, experienced warriors are said to be able to awaken their latent abilities by using force to become berserker warriors and summon Astral Weapons by experiencing a spiritual awakening in force.

    Recommended ItemRecommended Distribution of Abilities
    Armor : Armor Set
    Weapon : Great Sword/ Daikatana
    Great Sword : Strength 9, Intelligence 1, Dexterity 2
    Daikatana : Strength 8, Intelligence 1, Dexterity 3
    • Sword
    • Magic
    • Upgrade
    • Special
    Flash DrawFlash DrawTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankNovice
    Slash a target with the force of the wind in one breath
    Impact StabImpact StabTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankNovice
    The most basic fencing skill for swordsmen
    Power StabPower StabTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankNovice
    Stab a target with might
    Fade stepFade stepTypeMovement SkillRequired Skill RankNovice
    Quickly run further away from an enemy
    DashDashTypeMovement SkillRequired Skill RankApprentice
    Increase one's movement speed for a short period of time
    ConcentrationConcentrationTypeBuff SkillRequired Skill RankApprentice
    Concentrate one's mind to increase hit rate
    Heavy SlashHeavy SlashTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankApprentice
    Slash a target using a giant sword
    Press ImpactPress ImpactTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankApprentice
    Spin and slash a target downward
    Blade ForceBlade ForceTypeBuff SkillRequired Skill RankRegular
    Increase the damage of a sword by infusing it with mana
    Raging ThrustRaging ThrustTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankRegular
    Spiral attack a target using a sword
    Rising shotRising shotTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankRegular
    Swing a sword upward to make a target lose its balance
    Rising BladeRising BladeTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankRegular
    Spin and swing a giant sword upward to attack a target
    Cascade BreakCascade BreakTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankExpert
    Do a spin jump and split the ground open using a sword
    ChargeChargeTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankExpert
    Use the force within your legs and shoulders to crash into a target
    Rolling CrashRolling CrashTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankExpert
    Stab enemy by spinning jump
    Iron SkinIron SkinTypeBuff SkillRequired Skill RankExpert
    Increase one's defense with the force
    Blade AuraBlade AuraTypeBuff SkillRequired Skill RankAdvanced Expert
    Advanced Blade Force
    Round CutRound CutTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankAdvanced Expert
    Attack all of the enemies surrounding the caster at once
    Spiral DoomSpiral DoomTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankAdvanced Expert
    Increase attack strength by summoning a clash between higher forces
    Sword CannonSword CannonTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankMaster
    Shoot a wheel of force at a target using a giant sword
    Aura BarrierAura BarrierTypeBuff SkillRequired Skill RankMaster
    Increase one's defense using your aura
    Terra BreakTerra BreakTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankAdvanced Master
    Collide one's sword with the earth to cause a dangerous explosion
    WhirlwindWhirlwindTypeAttack SkillRequired Skill RankGrand Master
    The deadly tornado that annihilates everything in its way